MPE Grain Cloud Module (Sensel Morph)

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Does anyone know how it's possible to implement MPE input with Reaktor's built-in Grain Cloud module?

I've tried following the method used in the GRIP Grain Cloud Synth but can't get it to work with a simple MPE Grain Cloud ensemble (attached)

The method used in GRIP seems to be the following:

  • Create an instruments for each channel of MIDI input (each instrument contains the Pitch, Gate, CC, X, Y, Pressure etc inputs)
  • Use 'to Voice' modules in a Macro to assign a voice to each CC value individually
  • Merge these using a 'Merge' module in another Macro
  • Send the merged CC data to a single In port of an Instrument with the Grain Cloud module inside and the MIDI In Channel set to 'Omni'

I'm using a Sensel Morph with the X data as the Grain Position but it's hard to know if the Grain Cloud can work in this way or how the voices are assigned.

The MIDI is coming into Reaktor fine but nothing is output by the 'to Voice' section of the ensemble for some reason...

Has anyone done anything similar and had to solve this issue?

I've tested the Sensel with this 8 voice MPE visualiser and it displays the MPE Gate data but I can't port the method over to simple MPE grain cloud instrument..


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    For anyone else trying to do this, the solution was to put the Grain Cloud module inside a Macro, not an Instrument. For some reason this enables the Grain Cloud (and I guess any other sound engine) to work polyphonically. The outputs from the Grain Cloud Macro have to go into Audio Voice Combiners before being sent to the LR outputs.

    Here's an example based on the 8 Voice Polyphonic Visualiser in the user library:

    X position from the Sensel is on CC74 and Pressure is Channel Aftertouch, mapped to Grain Position and Amplitude

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