STEMS - Now with lossless audio! Now we're talking

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I'm beyond happy that Stems now works with Lossless audio!

All you have to do is convert your WAV or AIFF to ALAC, then import the ALAC files into the stem creator tool... and boom. You now get a STEMS file of uncompressed audio!!

I've been waiting for this for years!!

It's easy enough as well to do mastering for stems.

Separate you track into 4 parts and apply whatever is needed on each part (not a lot, EQ, some widening, color eq, maybe some dynamic eq)...

Then, on the master channel put some compression and limiting.

On the stem creator tool BYPASS the compression and limiting there (they don't sound that good).. and then after traktor with a routing audio software like Audio Hijack, put a final limiter that will work when you play live.

So happy now with this setup!!

Thanks Native for making this work finally <3


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Ninesense welcome to the NI online community. This is indeed a big step up. Happy to see you're as excited as we're! Will make sure to relay your message to the team. 😉

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    I tried it but something is wrong... Here what I did:

    1. Bounced the 4 stems in wav from Ableton.
    2. Converted it to Apple Lossless with iTunes.
    3. Imported it to Stems Creator.
    4. Bypassed compressor and limiter
    5. Bounced Stem file
    6. Loaded into Traktor

    Into traktor the files are sounding as pure noise, totally saturated channels and the BPMs are not good recognized.

    I did the same process but with WAV stems and it works perfectly.

    Any idea of why doing it with Apple Lossless files doesn't works?

    Thanks a lot!!

  • Ninesense
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    Sorry for the delay

    That's odd it works ok here

    I use this freeware Media Human Audio Converter to convert to ALAC

    Make sure all the files are exactly the same length.


    On other news, I'm running into a new issue :( Can't export .stem files now on my m1+monterey Mac

  • Ninesense
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    I was able to create the stems with Parallels and Windows on my Mac.

    Still hoping for a native m1 Monterey version for Mac of the Stem Creator Tool

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