Heavyocity price matching

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Is there any chance Native Instruments will be matching the Heavyocity sale pricing for cross-grading? For instance, right now Damage 2 is 179 and 240 is the price for full. Or can I just get it through Heavyocity and will it work? they take any serial number when entered so that doesn't tell me much. Damage 1 was included with my Komplete upgrade.


  • DodMod
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    You can buy Damage 2 direct from Heavyocity, I believe the sale ends today. They will send you the serial number as part of the email confirming your purchase.

    You can then either install the Heavyocity portal to download and install the instrument or you can enter the serial number in to Native Access and download from there.

    This is exactly what I have done for Vocalise 3. All is working with no issues.

  • Revrat
    Revrat Member Posts: 7 Member

    Thanks. Worked like a charm. I Thought maybe there was something special about the fact that it was installed as part of Komplete

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