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Hello friends, we see developments these days and we can interpret them together. This title is for new x1 mk3 and new roadmap Q3 2023.

first of all, it has attracted everyone’s attention on the roadmap. There is no progress. But there is talk of a new version coming. I don’t know if this is version 3 or just referring to 4.

In addition, it is not specified in which package the stems analysis will be. It is not shown at base level. I think NI company thinks they get a lot of interaction from stems discussions and they want us to fight here some more. :)

On the new device side, we see that the traktor pro 3 software is a gift. This means: Now this software, which we paid for and bought, will be distributed free of charge with the unlocking tactic. We will be in need of a Plus subscription to differentiate.

The NI company apparently enjoys doing business in secret and unannounced. She even created her own roadmap separately. A new device has arrived, and the head to collect user thoughts came with the device. Do we need us after the device is out?

I had put forward a lot of ideas on advanced mapping (I focused on the F1 device). I’ve seen you never noticed. Today, the device in front of me is mapped to a built-in multi-task and can navigate with a single button. I love this. The future of new devices is evident from the design change. I hope the F1 device gets multi-features like the performance pad.

we saw that the device was rising, this was important. I would expect it to fill the stage in width, height and keys.

The device used to have an impressive touch panel, it no longer exists. Was I the only one with reflexes using this?

we also see that the x1 is on a stand in the new device photos. I couldn’t understand this, do you have any information?

Finally, I have comments on the budget expenditure of the new device. If economy and sustainability were always emphasized, why was the budget spent on decoration lights? Do you need a usb hub?

I am very curious about your thoughts.


  • ranger930
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    Hi Kayya,

    exactly !

    here is my opinion about the current situation at NI:

    Unfortunately, it looks as if NI doesn't even notice our suggestions for improvement and doesn't want to implement them, although you always emphasize how important we are as users, even ancient, smaller suggestions are not increased.

    Therefore, my statement to NI:

    finally take care of it properly and don't throw new hardware onto the market that flashes brightly and colorfully but is difficult or impossible to configure and therefore usable.

    best regards ranger930

  • lord-carlos
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    don't throw new hardware onto the market [..] is difficult or impossible to configure

    Seems like the new device is easy to configure.

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