Installing Kotakt 7.5.2

JCloughjnr Member Posts: 1 Member
edited August 2023 in Native Access

Native Access states update available, I select download and it immediately tells me 'Installation failed'. Has anyone encountered the same problem ?



  • melchi
    melchi Member Posts: 12 Member

    Do you have the older version of Native Access or the newer version (i.e., the one with the logo updated to look like the NI logo in the top left corner of this page)?

    You may need to install the new version of Native Access to get the installation to work.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,918 mod

    What is your operating system? Have you chosen specific installation paths in Native Access or left them to default?

    If you're on Mac you can check this article: Native Access Error Message: "Installation Failed" (Mac)

    If you're on Windows, it's more complicated you need to reach out to our supporters:

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