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Im a push user but have always been curious about Maschine, the opportunity came up to grab a MK2 for pretty cheap, I've got it home and it literally wont work, I've installed the M1 driver, which is specific to M1, I've tried enabling native access, but the NTKDAEMON doesn't show up, so can't enable it, i cant believe this is a thing, so people are out there buying this product, but it doesnt work, how can this be.......


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    are you sure you purchased a mk2 versus a mk1?

    mk2 works on my m1 no problem

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    I think this is a Native Access problem on M1 etc Macs when Rosetta isn't installed. NI are working on transitioning NA completely to Apple Silicon native but they have like a gazillion installers to update so it's not there yet. So while Maschine 2 is compatible with M1 Macs, and so is everything else from NI's current software product line, for now, unfortunately, we still need Rosetta for that one thing.

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    @skankhunt42 Maschine MK2 should work without a problem. It seems your issue has more to do with Native Access. Maybe this article will help: Native Access Error: "Please grant permission to NTK Daemon to install dependencies"

    If you're not able to fix the issue, you can get in touch with our installation support here:

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