Ant good resources to setup a live rig?

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Hi! I play indie rock music with some friends, and we are incorporating more and more digital sounds in our music. I have Komplete 13 and Maschine, and I have used those for production in other projects, while for live music I have always used my Nord Electro 4.

As I want to incorporate midi sounds, arpegiators and effects from Komplete into the live setup, I was wondering what would be the best approach to it. I guess I could start bringing my laptop and connect a midi cable to my nord, but not sure how to make best use of all I have. How to integrate maschine and komplete midi software into my live misic, either using the nord electro or another midi keyb? Is there a good tutorial or resources for this? Thanks!


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    Ableton Push?

  • Aalbarod
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    I use logic as DAW. I’ve never used Ableton, although is never late to learn a new DAW…

    That’s one of the many doubts I have: Should I use a DAW live, or a program like Mainstage?

    thanks Rico010!

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    Sorry Rico010, I just learnt what Ableton Push is! I though you were refereing to Ableton DAW! I thought this kind of gear did pretty much what the Maschine MK3 does (which is the Maschine I have).


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    Difficult to answer when no one else knows how you or your band/friends like to work, what you have or your overall aims and goals. Typically from experience what you would do is start as you have done now identifying a need for something then spend some time (weeks/months/years) testing out ways to make your vision happen.

    If you already have Maschine then start there and see what it can do for you. Spend some time on your own to maybe setup some scenes of loops or just some instruments and then spend some time with your friends messing around and seeing what can work. After some time you may find a limitation you can't solve and that is where you can ask the community for some ideas.

    There are many other solutions, As suggested Ableton and Push are a good solution because the whole meaning of the name Ableton LIVE is it is software designed to be used easily in a live situation so lends all the features of how it works for what you are likely after. Same as Mainstage, it is designed for live use but you kind of need to have some ideas down already on what you want to do.

    With reference to incorporating things such as Arpeggiators, have you considered how you will manage the timing of things between band members? It can sometimes be difficult to sync your drummer or other members and your arp together if there isn't a midi sync or click to follow. If everyone relies on the drummer, you need to be able to easily adjust your timing to follow. Many solutions I have seen involve the member who has the DAW running setting up a simple click track that can be sent to the ear monitors of the drummer so he can be sure he is in sync with the software. Any other synths are then all midi synced. Others just practice and play by ear/visual timing and adjust on the fly like a DJ.

    What other "Digital" sounds are you looking to add, synths, loops, samples or is this just at the ideas stage and you kind of don't really know?

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