Is there a NI equivalent to the UJAM Beatmaker series

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I received the ad for UJAM Beatmaker today and I was wondering if NI Komplete Standard had an equivalent to Beatmaker.

What do you think?


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    i would say not really something exactly like it. From komplete i would say kareeiem riggins drums, drum lab, synth drums from the factory library 2, retro machines mk2 and i for sure forgot a lot of stuff. Maschine is also very interesting, especially with all the expansions. But i would also ask you first are you looking for a special style and just midi patterns on top, or are you more looking for sounds and you make your own grooves.

    P.S. i did not look up if all i mentioned is in kk standard, maschine for sure is not but i mentioned it anyway cause it´s a very good groovebox in my oppinion.

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    I'll check them out, thanks. Komplete is so huge that I sometimes even forget what's in there.

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