Distorted sound when routing sound from external audio interface through Maschine+ FX

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Hi folks,

I spend a complete day with this issue and still have no solution.

My Boss VE 500 is connected to Tascam Model 12 which is connected via USB with Maschine+. I route the audio signal from Tascam to Maschine+ Group A Pad 1. When I use no Maschine+ FX in the signal chain, everything works as expected. When I use one Maschine+ FX, the audio signal is completely distorted and unusable.

The Maschine+ project is complete empty, only one FX in the signal chain and CPU is around 12%. The levels are fare from being clipped and I have no idea why the sound is a complete mess. I also tried this with a Motu M4 with the same behaviour. I tried a mono and a stereo signal.

I have only a clean signal, when I connect the VE 500 directly to the Maschine+ internal sound card. In this case I can add different FX to the signal chain without producing a distorted sound.

Can somebody tell me why this happens?

Best regards, Alex


  • Kubrak
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    I do not have M+, so...

    What about setting bigger audio buffer for Tascam? Or using real simple and CPU light effect first to verify that settings are right.

  • Sequänza
    Sequänza Member Posts: 4 Member

    I think you can only set a buffer size when connected to a computer. Found no settings for that in Tascam. The sound is also slightly distorted when using zero effects nor instruments in Maschine+. Only audio routed from Tascam to Maschine+ via USB and back to Tascam via USB.

    Maybe this is because of USB 3 connection at Tascam Model 12? All audio interfaces which are compatible to Maschine+ have USB 2 connection. On the other side I found a Youtube video of Maschine+ with Tascam Model 12 without any issues.

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