Maschine 2 "Reinstalled" but not found in Windows 11

Rob Shoaff
Rob Shoaff Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Having issues with the ScanApp for VSTs many years (Maschine hanging / crashing - is there an option to turn it off on startup that works?) I decided to uninstall and reinstall the software.

I did this through the following steps

1) Started Windows Add Remove Programs finding Maschine 2

2) Uninstalled Maschine 2

3) Rebooting my laptop

4) Started Native Access and saw Maschine 2 in the Not Installed section

5) I clicked on Install

For good measure I rebooted my laptop again.

When I log back in I double checked Native Access and saw that Maschine was now listed as Installed.

I looked for the icon and tried Windows Search, but I couldn't find any EXE file to run Maschine 2. I did a Windows Explorer search for "Maschine 2" and all that came up were the Control Panel and Drivers. No Maschine 2 app files were installed.

I thought that maybe Native Access wasn't behaving well so I did the same proceedure to install Native Access. Logging back into Native Access, I saw the same registration of products and Maschine 2 was listed as Installed.

My next step is just to reformat my Hard Drive, but this is drastic for a piece of software that I use maybe 20% of my time on my Laptop. I unstand that the original issue was a VST issue, but trying to narrow down many VSTs installed over the years is a hastle. I have isolated them in the past by moving them out of the VST folder or setting Maschine to ignore them. I don't get this issue. When I run Live / Bitwig / Acid I don't have any of these issues. How is this allowed to continue. If I was using this professionally, I think I would go insane. What am I missing?

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