No Sound from turntable on S4 MK3 Phono Line

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my Dad borrowed me his old Technics SL-1300.

I try to connect it to my Traktor S4 MK3 following the user manual.

I.e. I connected ground and the cinch inputs to "Phono / Line IN A" input on the back of the S4.

After that I hold shift and pushed "Ext" on channel A. The LED changed to Phono.

Gain is half way up, Master is half way up, channel fader is full way up. Crossfader in the middle between channel A and B.

When I start the record I can hear no sound from the S4 (only very silent from Technics). Nothing changes whether I have Traktor software running or not.

What is wrong? What did I miss?

Thanks for any help.

Best Regards.


  • D-Nero
    D-Nero Member Posts: 2 Newcomer


    I figured it out myself.

    I needed to tap the "Ext" button several times until it became active.

    Now it works.


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