Maschine plus - scene select by program change past 128 ?

S Righteous
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I have a lot of scenes in my Maschine plus - I basically use 16 scenes per song, and each bank of scenes represents one song. I have about 11 songs set up this way, so I don't have to reload anything to run through them.

I know you can select scenes by note number, but because I have so many scenes I went with program change. When I got past 127, I assumed the M+ would work like other devices and I would then just need to send bank+PC to hit those higher numbers.

This did not work. It used the PC number in every bank as if it was bank 0.

So how can you select those scenes if M+ doesn't recognize bank select? Or how do you get it to recognize bank select? because I find it hard to believe it does not.


  • Uwe303
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    it does not work as you found out, you could maybe work with a bridge from a second device to load a new project if needed.

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