A question of Math & the M1 Maschine

6xes Member Posts: 673 Pro

Is it better to buy

X2 m1 mac mini 8gb 256gb

or x1 m1 mac mini 16gb 256gb

i have been using Reaper/Maschine(plugin)/Traktor/remixlive/VirtualDJ and dabbled with ableton live lite.

in each of the applications i have been looking at what aspects shine for each audio application.. and here and there i've been attempting to intergrate them with my maschine jam controllers(mapping best features)

i found my M1 mac mini 8gb 256gb would allow for 3 sometimes 4 applications to run all together, inevitably the m1 mac mini would ****** itself and dump a application becos of memory contraints... thus reaching the memory limits of the M1 mac mini version i opted for.

the benefit of purchasing x2 8gb m1 mac mini's is you in effect get twice the amount of CPU power... although they are not physically coupled as a unit

and given that you can effectively sync audio outputs via midi... is there any major downside?

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