A new Traktor all in one hardware

Is it possible that a new all-in-one Traktor device will be launched, obviously larger, similar to a configuration of 2 cdj plus mixer


  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,459 Expert

    It's possible. Personally, i highly doubt it.

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,996 Expert

    I doubt it as well.

    They barely have ressources to fix traktor bugs. Developing a new standalone software / firmware to run on that hardware can't be easy. And then also add stuff to traktor to export to that.

    I expect it requires significant changes.

    If you want standalone, why not get a denon device?

  • selekta ian
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    I've been wishing for a Traktor Pro Controller with all the features of a Rane or Pioneer DJ setup like Serato for years. I've made the switch to Serato & It's pain up to get use to Serato. It's No Way near the ease of using Traktor Pro 3 & the Serato display is another issue.

    NI needs to step up their game, because from the looks of things Serato is making moves to lockdown Pioneer & Rane. I see no movement from NI with anything to get in with Rane & Pioneer DJ to have a NEW Controller for Traktor Pro 3 that you can operate all of the features in Traktor Pro 3.

    I have the Rane Twelves MKII setup with my Traktor Kontrol Z2, which was a nice step towards making Traktor Pro 3 more relevant & moving forwards with some new controller options. But, not all of the mapping for Rane is complete. I would love use the full Rane setup with Traktor Pro 3....

    NI, as a loyal user for years, I asking for a major update for a NEW Traktor Pro 3 controller with large motorized jog wheels & full intergration with the Traktor Pro 3 software. This would be major in reviving Traktor Pro 3 DJ's.... #STAYBLESSED

  • RockyD
    RockyD Member Posts: 10 Member

    +1 on the new hardware controller, please.

    I can live without the motorized jog wheels but I would definitely like them a little larger than current gen.

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