Komplete Kontrol mk1 S Series DAW integration (Studio One)

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I really like this keyboard and have no plans to switch to the mk2....but....I sure wish it had better DAW integration for the knobs and such.

Anyone crack the code for use in Studio One? It integrates well with latest Native Instruments keyboards, but not the mk1. My mk1 does basic transport controls. You can midi assign knobs and such, but cant make the assignments permanent. The folks at Studio One simply say that it doesnt work.

I had a similar experience using Bitwig...That Jorgen guy has a Bitwig script for the mk1, but when you use it, you lose the light guide and NKS stuff

Maybe I should consider using the A series keyboard or something, but it seems dumb to downgrade..any recommendation for a 61 keys board that does everything it should in Studio One? I plan on sticking with Studio One unless someone knows how well my mk1 would integrate with Motu Performer. Thanks..sorry this is so long


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    Studio One does not differentiate between the MK1 and MK2 and so upgrading is pointless if you think the MK2 is going to behave differently somehow.

    I am guessing that your are trying to map presonus instruments in which case I have created two youtube videos that could help you get more out of your MK1.

    If I am on the wrong track, feel free to be more specific about what it is you are trying accomplish. I will help if I can...

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    Hi thx for responding. I found the below. I;ll consider this as something that just will not work unless someone has managed to crack the code


    Komplete Kontrol S49, 61, 88 (Mk2) (+) Fully Integrated (Mixer, Transport and Komplete Player) Komplete Kontrol 2.1.4 required

    Komplete Kontrol S25, 49, 61, 88 (Mk1) (i) Basic support for Transport and Control Link  

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