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Footswitch control of loop recording start with Maschine Mikro MK3

MKB Member Posts: 6 Member

Hello all, I would like to add Footswitch record start to looping with Maschine. The NI video on the Live Loop With Maschine page shows what I’d like to do (can’t post a link to the NI page as I haven’t been on the forum long enough). However this uses a Maschine MK3 (which has a Footswitch input), and I’d like to do this under Footswitch control with a Mikro MK3 (with no Footswitch input). I can add a remote midi CC Footswitch, and also have a Komplete S61 keyboard with Footswitch inputs to use. I tried assigning a CC to the Record Start button at the bottom of the Sampling page, but that did not seem to work. Thanks for any help.

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