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Hi.I have notice that at 3.8 version sometimes when i connect the internet the sound its like slowing down and cracks.After that must restart traktor to become normal.I have this issues using audio 6 or s4mk3.Its not happening always just randomly.Using cdjs 350 at work never had issues like this and also traktor perfoms better and the processing -output=overall numbers are much better.I see that version 3.9 has issues with s4mk3 so i didn't had this update yet.Any idea what causing this problem?


  • Markovicz
    Markovicz Customer Care Posts: 381 mod

    Hi @christoss21,

    I assume you are working on a PC - is this correct? If so, the behavior you are experiencing suggests a latency issue on your Windows system. This is nothing too unusual and can mostly be resolved with just a few tweaks.

    Please check the following video which explains the topic of DPC latency issues on Windows and also provides instructions on how to solve them:

    Troubleshooting Audio Playback Issues on Windows Computers

    Please let us know how it went. THX!

  • christoss21
    christoss21 Member Posts: 6 Member

    Hi Mark and thanks for replay.I will give some additional info about this problem.I know it looks like dpc latency proble but i am not sure if it really is.This is a windows 11 laptop 10 gen intell 16g ram and ssd and extra hhd inside for the music.I have made all recommended twicks for optimization.I work with this 5 years now and never had an issue.Mostly i use it(in work) with 2 cdjs 350 they work perfect even if have wi fi open and browser up.In my home i conect an audio 6 to do updates in my music library never had issues until 3.8 version The problem in video happening not all the time maybe one in a month and the other times before the sound goes slowly until it stops and then i cant load a song or do anything.Need to restart traktor.The video was capture with my new s4mk3 and happened at my home(all the time i am lucky and happened when i am at home).There is 2 things different from work.Internet with Ethernet and a monitor connected at hdmi port of laptop plus a usb hub when i connect audio6.It make me suspicious that maybe something of this is the cause of preblem(basically between monitor connection or Ethernet)

    About dpc lateny.There is one driver that give me latency issues above 1 ms it goes between 1.2 and 1.8 max.Its an acpi.sys driver and because its a dell laptop its something i can not solve.(i have disable acpi control method from device manager but dell has issues with this). Its something that i knew but so many years never had problems like this but as i said most i use cdj as controller with x1mk2 and it works perfect.With s4mk i am scary to use internet.I use it one time and the buffer went red and program stuck but was different from the issue at video.I don't want to go at 3.9 yet because i see there is some issues with s4mk3

    also all bios and drivers updates have been done

    I hope to gave you a better 'picture'' of my issues



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