I have Kontakt 7 but old Kontakt keeps resintalling ... How do I stop this?

LeeG Member Posts: 8 Member

This issue is more of an irritation. I have the full Kontakt 7. I don't need or want to see the old version of Kontakt. (Or am I missing something?) Anyway, I uninstalled the old Kontakt program and used the NI Uninstaller program to uninstall the registry entries of the old Kontakt. (I didn't uninstall the registry entries for the "Kontakt App" as I don't know what the impact might be. ) I then restarted my Windows 10 laptop. However, when I run Native Access it still shows old Kontakt and is asking for it to be repaired or reinstalled. I just want it off my system. Please can anyone help? Thanks.


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