How to start al over with Komplete Kontrol after PC crash?

Steve Lind
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I used my 2 licenses (1 on Mac and the other on Windows PC). Now I cannot un install on the MAC. And the license or instance on the WINDWOS 10 PC failed due to a HDD crash, beyond repair. How do I fix this? And why am I not seeing a subscription, I paid good money months ago and now cannot install on eitther MAC nor on WINDOWS PC.... How to start over?


  • LostInFoundation
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    Open a ticket with support and explain them the situation.

    In any case, having already installed on 2 computers or not, Native Access should allow you to install in another computer, so the issue must reside in something else

  • JesterMgee
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    There are now 3 licenses for NI products for personal use so should be possible to reinstall even if the machine is completely different.

    if you had a crash did you wipe everything and attempt to reinstall native access again? That should use the same activation. Where are you stuck, what do you see (error), can you post a screenshot?

  • Steve Lind
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    What happened was that the SSD crashed beyond repair and was replaced by an M2 disk. So I wasn't able to wipe. When I install Native Acces both on the MAC and the newly fresh installed (WIN 10) PC and then try to install anything from Komplete Standard is says "download failed". Besides that within my account it says I have no subscription, but I see all serials of all my products... I completely don't understand what happens....

  • Kubrak
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    Generally, what NI concerns is that SW is used only on three computers (working on up to one at any given moment).... So, if disk has crasched is very close to uninstall, it is not usable anymore....

    So, IMHO, you still have three licences. But if you had just subscriprion and that subscription has expired..... In that case you do not have licence anymore...

    The best way to get know is to contact NI Support by openning Service Ticket. We may just guess, we do not see your account and so on....

  • LostInFoundation
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    The “download failed” is a different issue, and I think it’s not related to how many times you already installed the products. Could be related to having internet issues, not having enough free space for the installation file + the actual installation,… Many possibilities.

    Check If some of these articles cover your case:

    About Subscription: NI have only 2 subscriptions. Komplete NOW and one for extra contents of Traktor. Your account statement should be talking about these

    You having bought some products and having the serials is not part of a subscription, so I would not worry about that

  • Steve Lind
    Steve Lind Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Thank you all, I will try to file a support ticket....

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