Ashlight cant be installed

ehdyn Member Posts: 26 Helper

Cant seem to install Ashlight.. anyone running into this issue?

It's telling me previous version cannot be uninstalled but there is no previous version, no files on my system, not in NI uninstall reg tool, etc


  • Kymeia
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    Are you on Mac or Windows? There's a couple of files you can try deleting that might help but I am on Mac and don't know where these are on Windows (and one is a Plist file which doesn't have a Windows equivalent - the closest thing would be a registry key)

    If you can find a folder called 'Service Centre' in the main Native Instruments Application support folder (on Win might be in Programme Files) see if there is an Ashlight file there and if so delete it. If you are on Mac also look in Preferences for a Ashlight plist file and delete that then it should stop NA thinking you have it installed.

  • ehdyn
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    Thank you for the suggestion - I will try that today. Im on Windows..

  • Isti_NI
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    Hi ehdyn,

    could you please share a screenshot of the error message?

    Or alternatively check if its wording explicitly names Ashlight as the one it cannot uninstall?


  • ehdyn
    ehdyn Member Posts: 26 Helper

    Thank you all for the help.. NI support provided an iso. file and I was able to install it from that.

    Native Access is pretty broken for me.. can rarely install anything without having to manually uninstall and perform registry edits etc.. bit of a PITA honestly.

    Hope they can sort this out soon because it's quite a bit of a timesuck and buzzkill when this happens.

    Don't have problems with any other installers and stores, etc..

  • Soebe
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    I just have the same issue. (Just upgraded to Komplete 14 so i never had this plugin before. Doesnt show up in Reg Uninstaller too). Same thing with "Lores" and "Choir - Omnia" i just realized.

    It also always says that it can't update the newest Native Installer (And I'm too afraid to uninstall it and install it from scratch since i don't know if that would mess with all the stuff i installed it from it).

  • PoorFellow
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    This is not the link to the newest version but you could possibly get an installer here :

    Previous versions of recently updated Kontakt libraries / compatibility with K6 older libraries :

  • Soebe
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    It says with that Installer that Ashlight can't be installed because there's no earlier version installed. But thanks.

  • guyvandergraaf
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    So, How to install previous version of Ashlight?? I am in this trouble since I have Upgrade to Komplete 14, All my Komplete 13 disappears from my Native access and now is full of staff I can't use....Why NI do not fix this from Native Access, make all version accessible? we paid I like to have access to all staff that I paid in the make sense or not??...

    for now here, I run Catalina 10.15.7, where can I get Ashlight installer 1.0.0? then use 1.5.0????

  • guyvandergraaf
    guyvandergraaf Member Posts: 8 Member

    From other page of this form :

    Hi Mike, that file is not working for me...all folder of Ashlight have been erased from the HD as you NI advice to do, then a message appears that: `no library found under the registered installation path. Either move the library to its original location or reinstall the library before running this update` ...what means? I do not have anymore the installation patch from my K13 in my native access, where I can find it?? please post here ASHLIGHT 1.0.0 installer file....

    please, we all are in trouble since we Upgrade to K14

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