Steven Slate Drums cannot remember installation folder

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Hi all,

I have a small but recurring problem with the "ancient" Steven Slate EX Library (version 3.5) [a/k/a "SSD"] in Kontakt 7.

It seems like I have successfully (re-)installed it after upgrading from an older version of Kontakt.

There is one quirk, though:

Everytime I add an instance of one of the Multis to a new track, it tells me it cannot find the *.waw files. Annoyingly, when I open the "Browse for Folder" window, I am automatically placed in the right location - almost: it pre-selects the

..\Steven Slate Drums EX Library\Multis\V-Drum Kits

folder, which has to be replaced by the "grandparent" folder

..\Steven Slate Drums EX Library

From this time onwards, the selected Multi and all others will be found within this instance without further problems. Even after closing the DAW and restarting with the project file, everything remains OK.

However, if I add another instance of Kontakt/SSD on another track, I get asked again to provide the path to the files - which gets rather annoying if you have many projects to update...

I have checked Native Access, which shows the correct installation path (the "..\Steven Slate Drums EX Library" folder). I tried the "Reinstall" option, but this does nothing other than produce a "Starting" message (not really surprising).

What am I missing? Is there another place to set the default folder for SSD?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help you might be able to offer!


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @El-Rallef Maybe you could use the Batch Resave function: How to Batch re-save a KONTAKT Library

  • El-Rallef
    El-Rallef Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    Dear Jeremy,

    a big "Thank You" for your quick reply!

    And the "Batch re-save" worked as advertised. Problem solved.

    Since you're from NI support: maybe NI could save you, me and everybody some time by finally introducing a one-stop solution for Library management. As it is, the responsibilites seem to be shared between Native Access and individual VST(i)s, resulting in misunderstandings such as this.



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