Crackles/artifacts on Reverb (Legacy) effect?

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Hi friends!

Playing sustained notes on (Legacy) Reverb is triggering unwanted crackles. I have tried everything, and still there, but not in other Reverbs.

Anyone else experiences this?

I really love this fx's color but it makes it kinda unusable.




  • Uwe303
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    no never had this issue, what is your audio interface, what driver and what setting do you use, you could try to increase the buffer.

  • Rilkecat
    Rilkecat Member Posts: 44 Helper
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    Hi Uwe, thanks for replying.

    Unfortunately does not look like a performance problem. I usually handle big projects and everything goes fine. I also tried with maximum buffer size and still present.

    This happens in a simply "Sampler + Reverb (Legacy)" setup. Also no problem with any other Reverbs.

    ** I upload the test project if anyone wants to check. Just sustaining a chord or a note for some seconds and Reverb starts with cracks, mainly on the left channel. **

  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 2,915 mod

    i tried with a synth pad from absynth (absence note) + the legacy reverb and i can play the pad forever without crackling from the legacy reverb. But your example has some small crackles on the left as you´ve said. There seems to be a modulation going on repeating and causing the crackle - as you can clearly hear a rhythm coming on with the reverb. But on many occasions it works just fine.

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