Playbox - Saving User Samples Across Projects

MRM Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

The ability to permanently save user samples across different projects seems very difficult. The manual suggests saving a Snapshot or an NKI file, but those only save user samples that are associated with a certain patch/sound. For example, if I've loaded 10 user samples in the User Sample area but only 4 of those make it in to a new patch/sound the 6 remaining will clear out of the User sample area the next time I open Playbox in another project.

Is there a way I can permanently store user samples in the 4 User areas of the sample library?


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,833 mod

    @MRM I was not able to reproduce the issue. If I load samples in User 1, save as a new nki, all the samples are still in here, even though I didn't use all samples in a sound. If you do that in standalone, do you get "lost" samples as well? What DAW are you using and what's your operating system?

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