[Poll] Best all-around product? You be the judge.



  • Christiaan Tinga
    Christiaan Tinga Member Posts: 21 Member

    I voted Kontakt because it's a flagship I couldn't do without. And with version 7 things are getting really interesting. I wish I could vote for Komplete Kontrol, but since you can only address ONE Kontrol controller at the same time, this product needs some approvements (IMHO). I have an S61 and an A49. Want to have 'em both in Komplete Kontrol. Just won't work ;(

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 208 Pro

    Keeping the article in mind I choose Guitar Rig over Maschine. Guitar Rig sticks to the concept of the initial version, adding new effects/features on top. It's a very simple concept and for new users a breeze to comprehend. The tape decks, metronome, ... great for practising, the macro's: simple but efficient. Some effects have hidden expert features and the ICM technology has a lot of potential. Future laptops become more and more powerful, so sound quality and guitar/bass sound virtualisation tools could make a difference. Please no new hardware, but please look into bi-directional MIDI.

    I recently started combining GR within Maschine and this is a very intersting combo for me.

  • Omar17166
    Omar17166 Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    I think kontakt is the most useful and clear aimed product. It is simple to use because its function is obvious and self explanatory. Other products like maschine, reaktor, traktor or similar, just add to the confusion.

  • Jonathan Blake
    Jonathan Blake Member Posts: 13 Member

    Traktor allows access to the world of mixing music without the traditional legacy of vinyl. That is not to say that the legacy is not important (and some DJs/producers would say vital) but it was and still is a barrier to entry. It caters for the bedroom DJ right through to the EDM legends - especially now with its seamless integration with the hardware from other brands. It is intuitive, logical and as much of learning tool as it is a performance tool. It remains the gold standard of DJ software.

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,753 Expert

    Shhhht…don’t tell them users can replace Plugin Alliance stuff with Reaktor, since now PA is part of NI…

    Do you want them to shut down also Reaktor like Absynth? 😏

  • Rico010
    Rico010 Member Posts: 82 Helper
    edited August 20

    I would be happy to get Reaktor synths/fx as independent vst/vsti :)

  • Wouter De Muynck
    Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 208 Pro

    Schema Dark is indeed great, but it misses some basic functionality. I provided that feedback as a comment to the YouTube-video, maybe I need to send them in a a feature request.

  • PatrickW
    PatrickW Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Kontakt is the standard. ;)

  • rrahim
    rrahim Member Posts: 9 Member

    I personally love where Kontakt is headed, and the amount of effort is being put into it.


    There's so much investment over the years from customers purchasing libraries for Kontakt, and developers creating new content for Kontakt.

    It's great to see that it is still being developed and improved.

    What's been most apparent to me is that some developers have moved away from Kontakt to created their own players, and they simply can't compete in my opinion after having used them.

    I'm very excited to see where Kontakt goes next, and by extension the rest of the NI ecosystem.

  • Team Green
    Team Green Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Kontakt without a doubt.

  • Maxray
    Maxray Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    Well, I've been saying since Komplete was in it's 3rd generation....

    I don't feel like there is a great synergy in the product line. Let's admit that the Native Instruments collection, as nice as it is, has so much more potential, they could corner the industry. They have 4 platforms, from which they could Kontrol everything. Those platforms are Access, Kontrol, Maschine and Traktor. Synergize them in a way they makes sense and opens tools within the creative framework that's accessible while the user is engaged in the work that they are currently performing. Some of you will ask "What does he mean?", "What the hell is this guy talking about, it already does?" or "He's not saying anything new?!", but I am!

    They need to start with Access. They need to make "Akcess" the main program for controlling and purchasing as a center hub (including for their 3rd party partners; Plugin Alliance, Sounds.com, etc.), It should allow the users to control all of their folder/file options for their system, even incorporate the discussions format and artist sharing/following options within the control center, like an artist page online, but a control hub interface on your computer. Allowing the customers to personalize their experience in an intuitive way. Think Myspace/Facebook!

    Second is Komplete Kontrol... They should make Komplete Kontrol the main sound design center for the Native universe ("Native Universe", I like that!). There should be the current tabs for Kontakt, Reaktor, Guitar Rig, Synths, Expansions and then 3rd party instruments, with sub categories, as there is.

    The difference is, you should be able to create a project, open the Kontakt tab and create or design from those instruments or you're own, and then add a Reaktor from the Reaktor tab to the same project that works in conjunction with any other instrument you have been using to sound design in said project. Having the ability for the user to design what ever they like in it's own file with macros and other settings and effects. Save the whole project as a new sound, instrument or effect, that the users can make money off of in Access, by posting them through their account that Native Instruments could make money off of through a small percentage.

    I should be able to build with whatever instrument/product I like, and save that sound with it's settings, that NI Kontrol file saves with the instrument content of that project, that would be contained in the file before putting the instrument/project up for sale to other users, that would be advertised with that sound, instrument or effect along with it's creator's name(s), for copyright purposes.

    For instance, if I create an FX instrument, and let's say I'm using 2 Kontakt instruments, a Reaktor instrument and an Arturia Pigments instrument. That data would be saved in the project description, so when I post it in Sounds.com through Access, the users can see if they own all the instruments used in that project. The users can listen and purchase that project/sound from sounds.com through Access, open it in Komplete Kontrol, alter it and use it in their own production.

    (Kontrol would be axis of sound design and instrument control for all users!)

    Third, Maschine should be the production and live performance integration software. Why reinvent the wheel in two separate programs? When I open Maschine I want a clean environment, with Komplete Kontrol right where it's always been. I don't want to reinvent sounds I've already made in Kontrol in another program, it's a waste of our time! I want to grab the sounds from the Komplete Kontrol list on the left, and throw it into my production suite, where Maschine can take performance control of the linear side of the project. This opens up Maschine to enhanced design flow as a DAW, because it no longer has to be held down with the Sound design aspect. It now has become more of an extension, rather than a whole other program.

    I want to be able to build structures, that the hardware performs, as such in Ableton Live.

    Last, Traktor should be the DJ and live performance control center. Maschine should also be an extension of this program! I should be able to mix and perform live from this hardware, but the software has Maschine integrated as a sampler/FX module, stem player, track loader and live show performance rig.

    There should be a clear step process "1,2,3,4..."! I should be able to go from sound design (Komplete Kontrol), production and performance preparation (Maschine), live performance and recording (Traktor), to rendering live concerts and posting them to my artist pages from Access.

    Right now as it is, the flow is not there with the software setup, it needs to be simplified and staged as a system. Sure, continue to sell the individual SoundWide instruments for people using 3rd party environments, but create a new environment for NI that integrates the hardware systems that you already have into a developed system for your users that can benefit them as well as the company. Figure out how to compartmentalize/integrate the software for redundancy as a connected system, so when I open Komplete Kontrol my keyboard and Mashine are ready to go for design, and the Maschine software is the extension for production, and Traktor is the next extension for performance. Like a russian doll. All of them being controlled and strategized by one's account on Access.

    I know this was long, and there are always people that are going to complain, but being from an engineering background myself, we were always taught to eliminate redundancies and keep everything simple for the users/clients, but make the tool smart so that it will continue to have a long shelf life. NI has the backbone to build it intuitively, it just needs to be executed.

    ...continuing from my first line, I really thought they were going in that direction for the 4th Gen of Komplete, but then all I saw was a Kontakt upgrade and some Play Series added?! I'm not sure what happened there? Native Instruments is a great company, I enjoy and love their products! I just think they could be the envy of the industry, but somewhere along the way they stopped innovating. I'd like to see that synergy in their product line and with their customer base as a business relationship. It would be an unstoppable Maschine!

    QUAVERTUNE Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I do like and use Massive X the most .There are four main aspects that I mostly use .The LFOs and especially to sync with P1 ,P2 and P3 . Also with pulse modulation .I also like to use the noises section .Perhaps not many use the signature but I do . Love to make my own presets and able to customise my own sound and strive for the sound to be both interesting and original . There are limitations with diversity of noises .It is not too hard to produce bubbly sounds as the library of noises leen towards this type of sound .A feature request that I would have be to have a more comprehensive time signature representation .Even when trying to customise a user signature there are limitations .Massive X is quite straitforward and less daunting than Reaktor I find .

  • Brandon Mozzetti
    Brandon Mozzetti Member Posts: 4 Member

    If NI married Traktor and Maschine (and made maschine a little more modern/robust) it could be the ultimate powerhouse of a DAW.

    Other products listed like: GR, massive x, and battery... have a bunch of competition. And if we're being honest, seem to be falling behind the curve.

  • gviio
    gviio Member Posts: 13 Member

    I went for Komplete Kontrol assuming we’re talking the software and not the hardware. Finally added VST3 support. I have K14 CE but I find I use the KK software daily with Omnisphere, Zebra, Diva, Falcon, Roland cloud stuff and seem to be using NI less (except maybe Kontakt, but even then I’m getting more into decent sampler these days).. As for why I use it - I have a KK S61 mkII. Nice keybed, some controls for Live and Logic etc., but it’s useless as a midi controller and seems forgotten firmware wise from the day it came out. Have a Keystep Pro for my hardware midi needs.

    Where’s the options in this poll for Absynth and Native Access btw? ;)

  • TVbene
    TVbene Member Posts: 19 Member

    You’re using the Maschine hardware for browsing guitar presets and parameter tweaking within GR? That’s also what I want to do when I‘ll finally have a room for music making next year. I‘ll probably add a touch display.

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