use maschine MK3 chords / scale mode when in midi controller mode

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Hi , can the Maschine scale/chords mode be used in controller /midi mode

into your daw?

I'm wondering if I can set up an instrument track in logic prox and use the Maschine mk3 the play the instrument from the mk3 pads whilst using scale/chords mode<

so logic will record the note info like it does when you use it with the Maschine software

Does anyone know - is there any special setup - other than connecting Maschine in midi mode?

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Answer ✓

    This is the best and more complete way to use Maschine inside a DAW.

    You open Maschine as a plugin inside the DAW, use the hw in controller mode maintaining all its functionalities to control Maschine and route the software to control everything else


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