Beatsource Streaming - Explicit Content (Icon?)

When I used Beatsource in Rekordbox, there were two ways to identify a track as explicit or not. One was the "Mix Name" field and the other actually included an icon next to it.

Do we have any way to distinguish explicit/clean in Traktor? Right now, I've been having to go to the website and search, then add to a playlist before importing to know I've got the right version.

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  • Markovicz
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    Hi @J. Spencer,

    in Traktor, the 'Mix' field carries the info when track versions are clean.

  • J. Spencer
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    Surprisingly, no -- that "p*ssy wet" line is "whole world" -- so that is the clean edit, despite saying Original.

    I might need to do some additional research on this. Still, in RBDJ has a much more obvious visual flag that doesn't rely on the Mix column, which frankly I ignore when I'm working quickly.

    But it's worth pointing out that "Good Life" is labeled Original Mix also, but as indicated on Beatsource, it's explicit. So inside Traktor it's not obvious.


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