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Traktor S2 MK1

Phase-meter and load button a don’t work anymore. Phase meter changes always in fast speed from right to left. And load button A is always flashing. No load on Deck A is possible anymore. Problem was still there after restart of the software. Any ideas? Thanx in advance. Deck 2 works ...

Günter (Hamburg)


  • Sûlherokhh
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    Sounds like jogwheel platter is stuck.

  • Stevan
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    What mapping do you use?

    Reinstalled Traktor?

  • Sûlherokhh
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    edited August 2023

    This is from the S4 manual:

    Moreover, the LOAD button lights up when you push the jog wheel’s top plate (e.g. for scratching, see ↑5.3.6, Jog Wheel).

    and this:

    When you press the jog wheel’s top plate, the LOAD button above lights up to indicate that you are manually controlling the playback position.

    Also you can set your LOAD button to toggle special jog mode, so check if this is in your configuration.

    Load Buttons

    The Load Buttons setting allows you to choose an alternate function for the LOAD buttons on your Decks.

    Following options are available:

    ▪ Load Track (default): Pressing LOAD loads the selected track on the Deck when using Quick Loading; pressing SHIFT + LOAD unloads the track from the Deck.

    ▪ Jog Mode: Pressing LOAD activates/deactivates a special Jog mode for the jog wheel. You can choose from two different Jog modes in the underlying Jog Mode Select menu:

    ▪ ▪ FX: The jog wheel controls the FX parameter 3 in Hold mode in the FX Unit right above: when releasing the jog wheel, the parameter snaps back to its previous value.

    ▪ ▪ Filter: The jog wheel controls the channel’s FILTER knob in Hold mode: when releasing the jog wheel, the filter snaps back to its previous value.

    If a Jog mode is activated, you can still load a track on the Deck by pressing SHIFT + LOAD (of course, you can also load tracks via the Browse mode).

    If you try the last way to load a track and it works you have the wrong settings active. Open Preferences and go to the S2 config page at the bottom.

    P.S. I know this is from the S4 manual, but it should also apply to the S2. I am still pretty sure it's a faulty top plate connection that thinks you are continually pressing down the top plate.

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