Expansion pack suggestion. Opinions?

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Is there any interest in NI expansion packs dedicated to the sounds of specific artists/groups that drove the evolution of synth technology? Emerson? Wakeman? Banks? Rhodes? Wonder? (My list is skewed to the last century, everyone has their own inspirations). This is not an original idea, but it must be an effective marketing tool - other companies are doing it to drive plug-in sales.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @kublickisp do you mean something like this? Artist expansions

    Or rather a pack by a group of artists that share the same oeuvre?

  • kublickisp
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    Think of the Arturia Tribute packs for Pink Floyd, Genesis, ELP, Tangerine Dream, Beatles, etc. I realize that some of their artist/song-specific presets are tied to the vintage synths originally used, but I'm equally sure that capable NI synths like MassiveX could create pretty close approximations. Sound design isn't easy, some folks could use a little help, and having spoken to a number of keyboard players in the real world, most of them were inspired to play the synth in the first place by some group in their past.

    Check 'em out ...


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    If it's got to be a danceable beat... how about REALLY thinking outside the box?

    What sounds are being used in current Country "line dancing"?

    What about traditional folk dance styles.. polka?

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