Integrating Battery 4 with ATOM SQ in SO6.2

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Hey Gang,

This integration is much harder than I thought. If I pull up (for Ex. Session LE Kit) is there a way that I can change the current layout to 3 rows of 16 pads, and map ea. Bat4 pad in sequential correspondence to the ATOM SQ? I was able to create an empty matrix as such hoping that would permanently adjust whatever pre-made kit I pulled up, but it didn't.

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Answer ✓

    You can actually map every cell to the key/button you want. Just press this midi icon to enter midi learn and then push the key you want on the controller

    The problem is that like this it would be quite tedious and you’ll have to do it for every kit.

    But…before you do this…are you sure you selected Atom SQ as the “source” for battery?


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