What happened to the forums and support pages?

Mark Alias
Mark Alias Member Posts: 5 Member

Whenever I have a question and search on a particular N-I thing, I get many results that seem relevant, but if I click on any of them I get redirected to blank forum or support pages.

This has been the situation for months if not longer, as I assume is well known. Years of discussions and support solutions seem somehow lost.

Can anyone direct me to a link explaining what happened? I've been with N-I for quite a long time. Thanks


  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,451 Expert

    Assume you mean when you search Google you get that happening?

    That would be because NI created this new forum and soon after decided it would be a smart idea to just delete (or take offline) the old forum and the 15 years of answers it held so you just get redirected to the new forum but all the cached google results are still there.

    You can try instead to open the "cached" page from google if that works otherwise it's likely you need to just create a post asking your question

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,525 admin

    Hi @Mark Alias You should get redirected to the community's homepage if you click on Google search results. Can you give me some examples of links that direct you to "blank forum pages"? If you can include screenshots of these blank pages that would be great as well.

  • Mark Alias
    Mark Alias Member Posts: 5 Member
    edited August 2023

    I shouldn't have said "blank," but yes, the new forum home page in some cases and others an "Ooops, the page you're looking for is not here," or something to that effect. Neither of these are helpful, obviously, and both are frustrating. Maybe I'll try the caching thing in the future, but now I avoid clicking on N-I links.

    I'm just a lowly long-time customer (Komplete since the earliest versions, two keyboards and a Maschine), but I think N-I will lose business over this if it's not fixed, probably including mine.

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