How to have more then 8 modifiers ? are two seperate tsi files the solution, need explanation

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Hello Traktor fans,

I found a short hint on the internet that it should be possible
to use more than 8 modifiers in Traktor if you split the
Traktor tsi file into 2 files.

Is there someone here who can explain this to all of us Traktor users in more detail?

That would be great.

Best regards ranger930


  • Sûlherokhh
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    If you use a MK1 or MK2 controller from NI, you can use a second mapping file (User Mapping) to add to the original (overmapped) mapping, which can use another 8 modifiers. If you use a generic MIDI mapping, you can use as many mapping files as you like (each with 8 modifiers), all with the same I/O designation.

    What you can't do is make the different mappings reference each other. So, the seperate mapping files have to work on sections of the controller, that are independent of each other. There are ways to reference across seperate mappings if it is truly necessary, but it's a bit more complicated and indirect, using modifier conditions that are meant for completely different things or using outside software to loop MIDI signals out of Traktor and then back in.

    For a good example of a multipage mapping, have a deep look at the TEKKEN FX mapping for the F1, which can be found here:


  • c0nsul
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    To work around the limitation of 8 modifiers, I use 5 tsi-files for my controller:

    I divide the controller into different areas. In my case the main mapping is for the mixer and transport controls, each jog mapping is for the left (deck A and C) and right (deck B and D) side, one is for loop and hotcue functions and one for my fx banks.

    Like @Sûlherokhh mentioned, you cannot reference between these mappings, so you have to map global functions (for shift functions for example) to every single mapping. This works very fine for me.

    AFAIK, there are 3rd party midi apps which can also help to get around the modifier limitation (search for BOME). I guess these work like sending midi from your controller to the 3rd party app and from there the midi signal goes into Traktor. I believe you can set these apps to change an incoming midi signal to free selectable notes/values.. But, I don't know for sure as I never used one of these apps. Maybe one of the mapping wizards like @Stevan or @dj_estrela can tell you more about these apps.

  • ranger930
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    Hi Guys,

    thank you all for the detailed explanation,

    Best regards ranger930

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