MacBook Pro 2020 | Just 2 USB-C Ports | USB-Hub a Problem ?

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Dear Music Lovers,

i got an eye on a MacBook Pro 2020 16GB 256GB.

The only thing iam a little aware of is that it hast just two USB-C ports and one is for the Power supply.

Would it be a Problem to use a powered USB-C Hub for my Hardware (Maschine MK3, XonePX5 and two X1 MK2?

In theory you can connect 127 times hardware but maybe someone has a warning or hint for me. Iam playing in Clubs and i need a reliable Setup :)

Thans in advance and sorry for my english.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @dolica This is a personal advice/recommandation, as NI can't really make publicity or recommend specific products or brands on that matter. I use this dock:

    There are enough USB ports and there is a slot to put the power cable to it, so you still have one USB C slot available on your laptop. I use it for my external soundcard. It's been working great and I never had any problem with any device, Maschine, Komplete Kontrol keyboards, Novation keyboard & Digitone, plugging, unplugging, works like a charm. Even if not the same device, something with the same specs should work out. I hope that helps.

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