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Rob Hulford
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Hi Guys,

First post nerves lol...

I am about to purchase an S61 Mk2. I have what I hope is a simple question regarding Midi Automation.

When engaging the Automation Button on the S61, and then recording, in the screenshot example I have attached, by using the Orb in Omnisphere are you able to phase or pan the signal left, right, circle etc are these changes recorded in the midi data ? So when I play back the midi track I recorded, I will be able to hear the panned/effected sounds ?

I hope the above makes sense, pls do ask if you need any further clarification, and thanks again for any answers.




  • JesterMgee
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    What DAW are you using?

    it should as long as you have enabled automation for the orb and learned the X/Y as parameters if you use it in Komplete Kontrol which you would if you have the S61 keyboard. Omnisphere is not NKS compatible but you can get a library which has all presets browsable and parameters like the odd pre-mapped so you can just record to your DAW

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