Tips for microphones (Win 22H2, Traktor Pro 3 and Z1)

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I use Win 22H2, Traktor Pro 3 and Z1 controller. During my DJ activity as a Soul Motion teacher, I would like to work with the microphone in the future. That is, I would also like to give verbal impulses during the dance.

Since I have little idea so far, I would like to hear your from your experiences.

1. Good microphones with little noise (activity: moderation during the dance).

2. how do I connect the microphone to my computer when I have my Z1 connected?

3. is there a microphone that I can use independently of my computer?

I look forward to feedback and say thanks in advance!



  • lord-carlos
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    The Z1 does not have any input.

    If you don't want to dabble with complex software solutions, I would buy a cheap mixer. One that takes the 2 RCA from the Z1 and also has some microphone input. And from there go to the speakers. Then you can have control over how loud the mic is, independent of Traktor.

    Maybe something similar to this? I'm not 100% sure if it's the best for your usecase, but just to give you an idea. Wait for someone else to confirm.

    You could pair it with the famous Shure SM58 or a cheaper clone.


    You could also connect something directly to the computer, but I think most computers can't boost the mic that good. And both windows and Traktor would need to share the Z1 output. Thus you would need to use WASAPI (Shared) instead of default ASIO.

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    Kudos for wanting to level up your DJing with a microphone! Here are some quick tips: Consider ASMR microphones for minimal noise during dance moderation.

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