Questions! Whyyy I cannot use my keyboards to control Kontakt in Ableton 11!

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My MAIN problem is, how to use Macbook keyboard to play Kontakt instrument in Ableton 11?

I try to use Kontakt as VST plugin in Ableton Live 11, but somehow the keyboard is not controlling Kontakt instrument.. no sound coming out. INSTEAD, the keyboard is controlling Ableton panel, for example if I press 'S', it solos my track. Other VST plugin can be played by keyboard without problem. I am so confused about these midi settings..

(I turned on 'use computer keyboard for MIDI' option in Kontakt setting, and I can use keyboard to play in Kontakt standalone mode.)

One more question: In Kontakt 7 standalone mode, I can use my Mac keyboard to play. But I cannot see which key I played! I only know that I pressed 'Z' on my Mac keyboard, sound coming out, but I do not see which piano key it corresponded to! Really confuses me.


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    When it’s in Ableton, it’s there that you have to turn on Computer midi keyboard. Did you do that?

    (Or M button on keyboard)

    In Ableton A correspond to C3 and so on. Z=octave down, X=octave up. C and V for velocity

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