Unknown medium calib. failed high input

cuito Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Hi there

I am getting the above message when attempting to calibrate timecode whether I am using my turntables or CDJs.

My setup:

1 x Audio 6

1 x Pioneer DJM 250

2 x Pioneer CDJ 100

2 x Stanton T.80

How can I fix this?


  • Markovicz
    Markovicz Customer Care Posts: 381 mod

    Hi @cuito,

    I will need to ask some questions in order to better understand the behavior:

    1. Are you working on Mac or Windows?
    2. Has this setup ever worked before or are you facing the error since you started using it?
    3. Do you receive the very same message for both timecode vinyl and CDs?
    4. Are these timecodes MK1 or MK2? If you aren't sure, please just post pictures of the sleeves.

    THX in advance for your feedback!

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