How to Cherry-Pick 3rd Party Samples to Build My Own Custom Kit

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Hey Gang,

I'm very green to NI and Battery 4, but I have AD2, MODO Drum, and ImpactXT, and tons of other drum samples that I want to compile on Battery 4 so I don't have to use those other VST's simultaneously with B4. At any rate, I'm looking for primarily video tutorials that show how to cherry-pick from those 3rd party VSTs to create a HUGE Library.

How do I do this?




  • JesterMgee
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    To possibly save you some work, it's often better in regards to memory and performance to just create some smaller targeted kits rather than the "all inclusive mega template". From experience of trying to do the same using Ableton Drum Kits you end up with large kts of thousands of samples that delay your project loading and become cumbersome when you simply need a few hits for a song.

    Personally, what I tend to do if kits offer raw WAV files is copy all these into a user created "Drums" folder sorted by Kick, Snare, Hat, Cymbol etc and then organised by some basic sub folders like Hard, Snappy, Deep and then when I have little else to do just build some kits. As someone else explained to me years ago, approach it like a drummer would maintaining their own kit and keep it reasonably simple but have a few options available.

    Usually i'll just pick a random kit close enough to what I want, use it as a starter then once the main idea is down start messing with each kit element a bit if I feel it needs a change.

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