Converting MPC expansions to Maschine expansions?

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Has anyone been able to convert MPC expansions to Maschine expansions in an efficient, repeatable way? I'm familiar with the reverse process as there is good tooling available (Kit Maker).

Is there a technical reason preventing automated conversions from MPC expansion packs to Maschine expansion packs?

Would love to hear from anyone who has successfully attempted this.


  • LostInFoundation
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    There’s not an “easy” road like the opposite (with Kit Maker, that you already know).

    You can create the kits one by one by loading the sounds on the pads, but I admit it’s an hell of a work if you own many packs.

    This video can help you following the various steps to import the samples in Maschine, but it’s not automatically creating the kits.

    Your problem unluckily resides in the word you are using…automated

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    Unlike on the MPC, there’s no way for users or third party developers to create fully fledged Expansions for Maschine. Expansions are a proprietary packaging by NI and can only be installed via Native Access.

    This is very unfortunate, and an Expansion Maker app (like for MPC) has been requested for years, especially to enable creating user Expansions for the M+.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Probably a “normal” group would be enough, no need for fully fledged Expansions.

    What is missing is an app that helps to “batch create” these groups, avoiding the tedious work to put the samples in one by one

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