Maschine is loading the kits in but the parts within the patterns are playing out of time?!?!

ismusic Member Posts: 3 Member

My issue is I have an instance of Maschine on an instrument track. I load up one of the kits, then hit play. What I hear is that all the constituent parts within the Maschine kit are out of time with each other!

This is really weird and I can't figure out what's going on. Can anyone help please?

I am on Monterey with the latest release of both Pro Tools and Maschine.


  • ismusic
    ismusic Member Posts: 3 Member

    It get's more odd that when I drag the wave version into pro tools onto an audio track it bounces that version fine?

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 881 Guru

    Are the „constituent parts“ audio loops? Then the tempo of the loops doesn’t match the overall tempo and the Audio module for all or some of the loops is not set to match the tempo.

  • ismusic
    ismusic Member Posts: 3 Member

    Hey @ozon Thanks for the response.

    No, the parts are all MIDI. I'll see if I can take a video of it later this evening and post it. It doesn't matter which kit I use either, all of them I load up play really strangely. However, I did find out after sending the messages yesterday that it appears to be just that one session as it worked fine on a clean session and still works as normal in past sessions. I'm going to see if it's something I can recreate later this evening. I'll report back

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