Kontrol S3 low volume question.

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I finally upgraded from my old Mk1 S4 (bought when it first came out!) to a used (but new to me) S3. It took me forever to figure out why I wasn’t getting sound out of the main output. Then after cranking the main volume almost to max I finally got sound. THEN I discovered the threads and discussions surrounding this issue. Damn. Because I bought used I can’t return it.

My question is: Is the low volume issue only with the main rca outputs or is it also with the xlr main outs and 1/4” booth outputs as well. I don’t have either cable set to try it out and don’t want to buy a set if it’s not going to help.

Hopefully this can eventually be sorted out with a firmware update because I’d hate to have bought a very expensive paperweight.



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    Hi @JesterMgee @Karlos Santos I feel like you might know an answer to this one...

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    Not something I own so not really much help other than...

    RCA should be a standard 1V P-P signal so shouldn't be any more "quiet" than any other device.

    What is the S3 connecting to (amp/speaker and what connection do you have on the other end)?

    If you connect headphones does the audio sound correct?

    If your amp/speaker has XLR inputs (or TRS inputs) then that would be the better way to connect things. If you have an RCA to TS/XLR cable then you could have low volume through the way this is is wired. Could also be a ****** cable with a short. This is why I have like a dozen cables of every type so if something isn't working I can swap things out to find out what at least isn't the issue. Do you have other cables to test with? As another test, do you have a Headphone TRS to XLR cable to connect the headphone to your amp/speaker as a test of signal that way (start with headphone monitor level at 0 then increase):

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