Easiest way to hook s4 mk3 to OBS studio

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Hi guys, as title asks. Using a new laptop, new s4 mk3, monitors coming out of booth, headphones out of s4. I’ve done some looking and unsure of the best way to hook up to OBS. Some say use use an external sound card, some say use software, NI suggest looping from booth out to line in on D…. Which I tried, but lost sound coming from monitors( probably doing in wrong) any help and advice would be muchly appreciated

many thanks


  • Sunborn
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    All solutions you described are valid, but each one is depending on your system.

    1- Having a sufficient audio device with some extra ins and outs is always the best solution.

    2- Second best (if you don't have the necessary audio device) is the software solution, and there, the best solutions are Voicemeeter (the best for me) or ASIO Link Pro (equally good but too complicated) and the easiest solution (yet, not ideal) is the ASIO4all.

    3- Third best is the looping method. Use it only as last resort.

    Also, remember to install and use the ASIO plugin for OBS.

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    Yeah, it's really really sad that Traktor can't just send master to a second interface. Rekordbox, serato and probably the others all can do that.

    Anyhow, what I ended up doing on my s4 mk3 streaming setup is to get a cable that goes from booth out into a line in and use the ASIO plugin for OBS. (Windows)

    I can't see how you would lose audio for the speakers, unless they where connected to booth. You should not change anything in Traktor settings.

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    He is saying in the post that monitors are coming out of booth. Probably better to out from main and leave booth free for this kind of tasks

  • zephry
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    I bought a lowcost laptop to use separately for Obs. After trying most of what was mentioned above.

    I use this to send audio to the other laptop.

    Behringer U-Control UCA222 USB... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0023BYDHK?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

    The extra laptop is hooked to 3 other displays that show the stream on 3 broadcasts and the Obs screen on at all times. Usually someone else is doing scene changes because there are also 2 cameras.

    It is nice being able to monitor the streaming and not have it on the same computer.

    Your post said Easiest Way? For me this is the easiest way.

    But the sound levels and clipping is a learning curve. If you need any help send me a PM and I can help more.

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    Ok fellows..I'm trying to make the mk3 to the obs and no sound..levels r working on the tascam 12 but not out the speakers...or desk top please help

  • Mcadory11
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    Someone give me a call 310 494 8122 Louis

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    We need way more info on how you set it up.

    What cables from the s4 go into where?

    And what interface did you add into obs?

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