Francisco Partners may be buying Avid very soon...

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Welp.. not a direct partner as with the former Soundwide bundle of NI, iZotope, Plugin Alliance... but if Fransisco Partners does buy Avid as has been just revealed.. these companies will all be under the control of the same Equity Investment firm..


I don't think it will affect much.. but who the heck knows???


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    You mean like it didn’t affect much NI?

    In that case, if I were in Avid HW department I would start searching for a new job…

    And if I were an Avid user (which I am 😔), I would start forcing me to think “I just need sounds packs. I don’t need anything else”…

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    Here's an article speculating the future of AVID after it is sold..

    The middle section of the article discusses the scenario of Francisco Partners being the buyer..

    Interesting stuff for awareness.

    From the article:

    One of the rumoured investors is Francisco Partners. That name might ring a bell for some because it’s the investment company who purchased iZotope and Native Instruments in 2021 to create the Soundwide Group. Later on they also acquired Plugin Alliance as part of the group.

    So what has happened since that time?

    iZotope and Plugin Alliance are two of the last companies to port AAX plugins to Apple Silicon. Historically we would have expected them to be at the front of the race. Some significant individuals have left NI and iZotope since the purchase and merger, people like Jonathan Bailey, who was until the purchase, in a significant product leadership position at iZotope, most notably with products like RX. He left within a year

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