Is re installing needed ?

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I bought a Komplete Audio 1 and installed every software succesfully. Also ABLETON LIVE LITE. This DAW is not for me. I am a registered Cubase user and at first wanted to try something else and is was free ! So I do now want to change to Cubase ( I need to buy some upgrading but thats not a problem) My question is if I need to uninstall the current software and re-install for Cubase usage.

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  • Caseyan
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    I would appreciate asap support

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    I can't see a problem here. Did you uninstalled Cubase? There was no reason for that.

    You can have both Cubase and Ableton and even more, Presonus, FL Studio etc etc. at the same time. As many as you like (or afford to buy).

    There are no rules or limitations about how many DAW's you can have in your system.

  • Caseyan
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    Thanks for your advice and no I did not delete Cubase on this system. When installing Native Acces I was asked to choose between Ableton and Cubase. Because I am now upgrading to Cubase Pro ( a s an registered user, I used Cubase 6 on another system and left it a couple of years) I wanted to know if there would needed to uninstall Native Acces and do it again for usage in Cubase. I'm pleased to understand that this is not neccesary. As it is I can use the plugins form Native Acces in Cubase if needed I suppose. Again thanks for the reply

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