New Maschine Upcoming

700hotboyy Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

Hey my good people did anyone hear of a new Maschine Hardware coming out before I buy this Maschine Plus I would really appreciate you guy’s feedback


  • Maestro D.B. Music
    Maestro D.B. Music Member Posts: 4 Member

    Not a word from Native Instruments about the new developments of the MK4 Maschines or the MK3 Komplete Kontrol but the developments are probably on the way. There are some things that the company won’t discuss here but I’m sure that these will be a Komplete surprise if you know what I mean. I would suggest to be on the lookout even if before Native Instruments releases Komplete 15 in the future.

  • 700hotboyy
    700hotboyy Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

    Appreciate you bro thanks

  • Uproot
    Uproot Member Posts: 5 Member

    It would be great, but they've let the back end slip into what feels like non-development. Has so much potential for real musicality if they'd just freshen it up a bit. I'm holding off the new Ableton Push for any word.

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