Too expensive — Kontakt 7 $299.99 plus the update of $99%"

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Hey, I am big on your products, but I'm only stuck with free because, well, I'm still living with my parents, have no job to get money, and my parents don't like spending a lot of money. I need the full version of Kontakt 7 but I can't because it's too much money. It makes me feel like you just want money from those who cannot give. My birthday just came around, and I was hoping to get it for a cheaper price, but the summer of sad sale ended in July 6th when my birthday was on the 26th. I need a major price cut on that product, please!!!!



  • Kubrak
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    You may buy secondhand. And mayby you do not need Kontakt 7 and Kontakt 6 will do. And what about investing a bit of effort and earning few bucks? Work does not hurt. ;-)

  • Rico010
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    What about Komplete Now? It’s a $10 subscription monthly.

    You can earn this money yourself with pretty any student-level part time work.

  • Maestro D.B. Music
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    In my opinion, it’s worth the investment but I know how you feel.

    I would also suggest in subbing to Komplete Now for only $9.99/mo. as @Rico010 stated to get the products you need monthly until you are ready to invest in the products you need for yourself. Give Komplete Now a try!

  • [Deleted User]
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    @trevorvennom what a nice strategy! You should try this in Fender guitar shop. Are you sure you not need free Kontakt Player? You can use it for this beautiful freebies Strezov Sampling ( and Heavyocity Foundations | Free Instruments for Kontakt

  • trevorvennom
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    Oh my god, thank you. Does Komplete now have the full version of Kontakt? If so, that is so much better!

  • Monochrome
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    FYI: Komplete Now does not come with the full version of Kontakt.

    You may wait for NI's annual Cyber Season sale in November, where products are usually offered at half the price. Or, just buy Kontakt second-hand like Kubrak suggested.

  • trevorvennom
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    The problem is, I think that all of the sounds of Komplete now are western style instruments like guitars, bass, synths, etc. I was always in love with world instruments. What I want my goal to be is to put instruments that are not so commonly played and put them in music that every commonly hear

  • Monochrome
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    Now doesn't offer much in that regard, no. You'll probably need to buy e.g. one of the Spotlight Collection instruments instead:

    Generally speaking, getting into music can get quite expensive.

  • JesterMgee
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    Look at something else., no need to get Kontakt at all. Hell when I was I. Your situation I created music using open source software “Buzz Tracker” and it’s included synths and my own samples. No need to spend money if you are dedicated. Things cost money, if you want them you work for them.

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