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Johnnie Day
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Hello, lately whenever I try to download a NI library even to an external drive I get an error message like the one attached. I am so confused. I have 60 GB free disk space and I am only trying to download the upgraded Factory library after upgrading to Kontakt 7 ( I have the full library already. This doesn happen with any other 3rd party music libraries, just NI. I attached an image of the error message.


Johnnie Day


  • LostInFoundation
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    You need more space (as the message is telling you).

    To install something, you temporarily need the space for the downloaded installation file plus the space for the installed program. Once installed, the installation file will be erased

  • Monochrome
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    As far as I know, the library itself is ~39GB. Keep in mind that Native Access needs to download AND install it - which means that you will temporarily need more than 60GB of free disk space anyway.

    The way things work (on Windows at least - can't speak for Mac, but I assume it's identical):

    • Native Access downloads the product's installer as a .ZIP file.
    • After downloading, said .ZIP file gets extracted and the actual installer will run.
    • When installed, both .ZIP file and extracted files get deleted.

    Even if you install everything onto an external drive, some space for the installation process is needed on your system drive.

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