Macros in KK plugin without plugin is loaded?

Attila Horvath
Attila Horvath Member Posts: 14 Member
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Due to other "anomalies", I use au plugins. Vst and au plugins "do not work well" in an Ableton project.

I have a KK S25 MK1. The KK plugin in the Ableton project is empty, no plugin is loaded, I only use it as a "midi processor" (scale, chord, arp).

I use Omnisphere (au). If I load an Omnisphere VSTi plugin into the KK plugin, the other 10 au omnispheres in a project "do not work well".

I would like to use the S25 potentiometers to send a midi cc message (not in midi mode, of course I know how it works). Is there a plugin that has nothing but 16/32 Macro?

Or can this be solved somehow?



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