Traktor Kontrol s3 Performance Pads & Jogs Wheels

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So the weirdest thing happened last night during my Gig.

Traktor froze up for a good 5min, everything was working absolutely perfect (regardless of the very poor ****** audio output) the unit itself was working perfect, until it kind of reset itself.

I cannot explain just how this happened, but my settings completely messed up.

That is fine I have a back up to replace & test(hopefully it will work)

The Kontrol S3 unit on the other hand now has very irresponsive feedback

1 - the jog wheel sensitivity is completely off, when trying to search through any track while the track plays, it does not respond at all, unless I tap slightly on the platter then it responds but just briefly, it works fine when a track is not playing & it responds.

2 - The performance pads sensitivity is 70% non responsive, it react when it wants whenever I press a hot cue that I had set on tracks.

I have a feeling that the newer Traktor builds are slowly but surely acting up in the weirdest manner. I have reported the build issues before but like NI & it's team, ignorance is bliss.

I have not had any issues before last & somehow I feel that the I/O of the Traktor kontrol s3 is messed up.

I have a gig later today but pondering whether or not to Take the S3 or rather take my Roland DJ-505 controller instead.

I know this issue will not get addressed, even if I should send the logs, no attention or interest will be taken into this. Sad to say, money spend on NI Hardware is painful now & I am not sure why I am even creating this Thread.

Anywoo, anyone using the S3, please feel free to drop me comments on your current experiences with this unit.

Much appreciate your feedback DJ's

Warm Regards



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