What about a Komplete Kontrol A88 Smart Keyboard ?

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I think this would be a great addition to the A Series and would help beginner up and coming people interested in expanding their skills into more such as producing and composing. And there is not a lot of competition for 88 key midi controllers for a budget midi controller for $300 - $350. Most people settle for what is available (Alesis Q88, M-Audio Keystation 88, Nektar Impact GXP88, Nextar Impact LX88+, Arturia Keylab Essential 88) but if NI entered the game they would sweep the competition and be neck to neck with Arturia. Without the pads it would be substantially less than the Arturia and affordable for many who want to begin making music now. Because for myself and others if there was an NI A88 for 300 I without question would choose it over the others. Is there any possibility for one in the near future?


  • Matt_NI
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    That's a good question!

    I don't think there was a real strong interest in budget 88 keys (I could be wrong). I'd curious to know how many of these 88 keyboard sold because I'm always under the impression that a producer getting started might be limited with space and would probably not need that many keys. Folks that are able to play and benefit from the entire range might want to settle with keyboard with a different type of keybed (more expensive).

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    True I think they would have to look at statistics before considering it. Many producers starting out usually know some musical knowledge prior to starting. And this is for beginner budget so keybed is not looked at as much for a higher end keyboard.

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    88 keys are usually used by people who know how to actually play a piano/keyboard, I mean who can justify 6 feet of keyboard for making trap music that needs only 3 keys ever?

    I'm no professional and I don't have that kind of real-estate for a controller but most I would assume want something that is pretty decent in features and feel and I just don't think a budget keyboard fits that bill. For a start it would be flimsy at that size given how light the A series is and it would look pretty sparse without a decent display. Just not really sure it will happen since in the budget arena, not too many are opting for 88 key versions. That is the reason the 88 key S series has a more "piano" feeling keyboard because they know the more serious user will want it.

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