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As a DnB vinyl timecode DJ, I use 3 decks - never 2, never 4. I also don't use remix decks, stems or software effects. I would really like to be able to tailor the UI for what I use it for, and to optimise the space around 3 decks with a waveform, the loop length as I use a midi controller to beatjump or loop (a 64 beat loop would also be useful as 32 beats is only half a phrase in DnB). For the rest of the space I'd love to just have the browser but perhaps laid out better with the ability to snap frames around for things like library view and other folder views. I often keep a folder to drop in tunes that mix well for playing again or building into a set, and other for prep lists or whatever. To have the browser open as well as my prep list and other playlists for good blends etc would be so much better for quick navigation while mixing.

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